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tomsims-landscapeDr. Thomas Sims, creator of “Doc Talk Today”, is a physician, actor and writer who began his twenty-five-year career in family medicine following a two year, life-changing commission in the U.S. Coast Guard during which time he worked as a frontier bush doctor in the wilds of the Alaska Arctic. Dr. Sims chronicles his adventures and adaptation to life in the arctic in an exciting upcoming memoir readers of “Doc Talk Today” won’t want to miss.

A writer who penned his first novel at age ten and an actor with appearances on stage, television and motion picture screens, Dr. Sims is now pleased to combine his love of writing and his expertise in medicine in a bi-weekly newsletter “Doc Talk Today” designed to draw together medical and health issues making the news into one easy read, enjoyable online newsletter readers are certain to enjoy.

Dr. Sims and his wife live in the mountains of Oregon with a Shih-Tzu, an Irish Setter, and the world’s meanest cat.



Zika! AIDS, Cancer! Heart disease! High blood pressure! High cholesterol, Swine flu, Asian flu, all other types of flu and infectious disease! Even pain management and immunizations. It’s all very confusing and usually in a state of flux.

Advances in medicine and U.S. health recommendations are constantly changing. With so much information available and so much happening how can a person expect to keep up?

“Doc Talk Today” is a free, e-newsletter – delivered right to each subscriber’s email twice per month – that will search medical literature and inform its readers as to the current feelings on health issues that are in the news.

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